Guido Aguero G.

DynamicMotion Experiment

Hey Folks???

Here with another personal challenge. I decide to create a dynamic animation in AE, to learn more about the techniques and steps to develop a very organic and nice animation.

I have watched a lot of good animations using similar techniques like this one, so, I challenged myself to achieve something decent and nice.

Hope you enjoy it….

    • The RED Point

      What is the first thing that come to your mind when you see something RED?
      How clean is you mind?
    • Trying new techniques for improving my 3D Skills.
      Every idea that comes to your mind has to come out sooner or later… Don’t be afraid! Share it!
      Hope you like it.

Ideas are coming too fast… There is no time to let them go.

– Guido Agüero G.

The Beauty of Simplicity. (Testing some lighting techniques)

Animation is Concentration

Sometimes you are ahead, sometimes you are behind.

DesignEveryday-16-November-2011-Seems like it’s raining.


There is a black room where there is nothing, no lights, no colors, nothing.

This room is ready to be full of ideas that came from God, my mind, and my heart.

There is a new idea that is waiting for me everyday.

I just have to wait until that idea came to my mind to make it real. 

I learn everyday, and I can say that there is something special when you learn.

You will never waste the time, there will always be a reward.

Just fill that empty room with new and fresh ideas, something will happen.

DesignEveryday-8-November-2011-Tómese su Lechita.

DesignEveryday-04 Nov 2011-Tree of Knowledge.

Everyday we put a letter more to that tree… There is going to be a day when there would be uncountable letters so you cannot imagine how many they are, that would be Beautiful!

3 November 2011-Lollipops. Sweeten your life.


A personal and big challenge.

I took this project to improve my skills and grow more in the design’s industry! 

I think this is going to push me to discover a lot of things and techniques that can help me in my career.

I am moving forward, I am pushing hard, I am thinking different and I would do the best I can.

Hope you enjoy it! 


A couple of Batteries. Trying out the C4D’s New Physical Render.

MotionDesing is Omnipresent

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